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Landing Gear Handle for flight simulator build

Generic design based on modern fighter aircraft size and feel and also closely resembles Boeing 777 gear handle design.


As an ex fighter pilot and current Boeing 777 pilot I can personally vouch for the authentic feel and operation of the item.


*****PLEASE NOTE. Occasionally, there may be slight changes to the design and routing of wirings and connectors.  Fixing dimensions will remain constant*****


This is ideal for VR cockpits due to the solid construction and tactile feel of the handle in operation.  The handle is best placed in easy and natural reach and has an ergonomic feel to the lever.  


In a VR environment it can be located and operated without losing immersion

In a full simulated cockpit, the handle has aesthetic quality to match an authentic item.  Laser engraved front panel will add  to the authenticity 


The mechanism contains 2 proximity switches giving a switch for both up and down selection. 


The item will be recognised as a joystick input within windows game controllers and the up or down gear input can be programmed by the user in the same way as any other USB joystick or button box input.


There are a wide variety of options for fixing to sim hardware or desktop.  A side mounted fixing plate with a hole matrix will allow for multiple options  for side mount.  The unit can be mounted on the opposite side by removing the faceplate and inverting the unit's orientation and reprogramming the up/down selections


The holes around the periphery are at an interval that will affix to standard 2020 or 4020 aluminium profile commonly used in sim hardware selfbuilds



2 versions available




No control board for plag and play.  This model is for cockpit builders that already have an interface solution for the switch wiring such as a bonder board or Arduino programmed as a joystick/button box input




This versions is plug and play and will occupy one of your USB slots.  You simply need to program the controller as you would for a joystick or button box.  the plug and play model has a control board interface mounted to the top of the main body and terminates in a USB connector for plug and play functionality


3D printed on Bambu carbon X1 printer with minimal layer lines and high strength

Metal fixings and fasteners

Translucent gear handle

Spring loaded detent locking system as with real gear handle requires light pull to clear the detent

Front panel has illumination capability and routing path for LED (not supplied but ready for inclusion in home built cockpits.)

Vertical and horizontal mounting holes with templates and dimensions for cockpit incorporation. Horizontal, vertical and rear mounting brackets are compatible with 2040 aluminium profile

Please see other shop listings for HOTAS WARTHOG throttle mounting for VR cockpits.

Black or Grey engraved front plate.




Please message if you have any questions on integrating into your home cockpit

Landing Gear Handle for flight simulator build

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