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The seat handle closely resembles the handle fitted to Martin Baker Mk10 ejection seats as fitted to the Hawk, Tornado and Mirage 2000 aircraft. Later seats operate on the same principles but handles may be slightly different.

Some US aircraft use Martin Baker seats with different designations such as the SJU17 seat fitted to the F/A18.

Mk10 Seat Handle - flight simulators- DCS integrated

SKU: MK10-1
  • The unit is optimised for use in DCS simulation software, but will operate in any flight sim software once integrated.

    To install:

    • Plug USB cable into free USB port on PC
    • Start DCS
    • Allocate controls in the normal manner for DCS Controllers
    • When selecting the handle as the ejection control, simply pull the handle until the software registers it. The unit is programmed to generate 3 quick pulses of the keypress chosen to initiate ejection sequence.

    Drawings and instructions are included to enable various mounting methods.

    Please notes, the handle body is mostly 3d printed and can show markings and layers as is the norm on a 3d printed item.

    The item colour is Dark Grey

    Video detail can be found at this link:

    If the item is shown as nil stock, please contact us to place an order. The handles are produced in batches and are labour intensive. A batch may take 4 to 6 weeks if nil stock at the time of order.


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